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ableSling Lite

£204.99ex vat


The ableSling Lite is a fantastic discreet in-situ manual transfer sling. It has been designed to be extremely universal and applicable for a whole manner of situations. For example, it can be used to be sat in all day long in case repositioning is required throughout the day or when ever a manual transfer is required when out and about – such as hospital appointments, theme parks, transport, swimming, dentist, boats, adaptive skiing, and so much more. The ableSling Lite is a simplified version of our ableSling, and provides a significantly cheaper alternative if funding cannot be sourced. The ableSling Lite can be used in conjunction with our ableHarness, ableStrap and even our ableDry.

To view our sizing chart, videos, technical and product features, please scroll to the bottom of the page.



Product features:

  • Discreet in-situ manual transfer sling
  • Foldable head support for individuals who cannot support their neck when being lifted
  • 8 handles for manual lifting
  • Colour - Black
  • Breathable and soft spacer fabric for the skin
  • Extremely quick-drying
  • Fantastic for accessing swimming and hydro pools, as well as the sea
  • Non-slip base to reduce the ableSling Lite from sliding on different surfaces
Note: the ableHarness is sold separately
  • Side compartments for seat belts to be securely fastened around the sling
  • Two inserts under the top two handles so the ableHarness can be applied

The ableSling in Action:

Please see below various videos of the ableSling Lite being used to board and disembark aircraft, including some out-of-the-wheelchair experiences.

Videos comimg soon

The ableSling Lite sizing chart:

Using the picture below, measure ‘C’ and ‘K’ in inches of the person that is going to be using the ableSling Lite.

How to measure for the easyTravelseat

Using those measurements from above, identify in the table below the best sized easyTravelseat.

SizesWidth (W) x Length (L)Cushion ThicknessSeat DepthBack Height
easyTravelseat sling15.5"xx21"
Seat Cushion14.5″ (W) x 14.5″ (L) OR
15″ (W) x 15″ (L)
Up to 2.5"15"x
easyTravelseat sling16.5"xx21"
Seat Cushion15.5″ (W) x 15.5″ (L) OR
16″ (W) x 16″ (L)
Up to 2.5"16"x
easyTravelseat sling17.5"21"
Seat Cushion16.5″ (W) x 16.5″ (L) OR
17″ (W) x 17″ (L)
Up to 2.5"17"x
easyTravelseat sling18.5"21"
Seat Cushion17.5″ (W) x 17.5″ (L) OR
18″ (W) x 18″ (L)
Up to 2.5"18"x

If you are still unsure:

  • Your size doesn’t fit
  • You have a custom mould cushion
  • Your cushion is over 4 inches thick

Please contact us here and we can help advise further.

The ableSling Technical Information:

  • Safe Working Load – 200KG
  • Warranty – comes with a 2 year manufactures warranty
  • Washing – Can be laundered up to 70oc using a mild soap solution and then rinse
  • Class 1 Medical Device – Able Move Ltd use 3ET (Manufacturer) who are registered with the Medicines and Health Care Regulatory Agency of the UK Government to manufacture Class 1 Medical Devices. All Able Move products are categorised as a Class 1 Medical Device and carry the UK CA/CE mark under the European Medical Device Directive EU93-42. The products are designed, manufactured and approved under the BS EN 10535:2006, The Hoist and Sling Standard.