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£59.99ex vat


The ableDry has been designed with damp wheelchair cushions and arm rests in mind. There is nothing more annoying than a damp wheelchair cushion or arm rest. Particularly after a swim or for those who have to manage incontinence. We have ableDry’s for powered and manual wheelchairs in mind with our high and low back versions. The flaps can also be used to cover over your legs once in your wheelchair for those who may want that extra little bit of dignity. A fantastic addition to your locker and a must particularly if you’re going on holiday. Works fantastically well in conjunction with our ableSling Lite if using it to transfer in and out of the pool.



Product features:

  • Keeps your wheelchair seating area 100% completely dry
  • Great for water-based activities or for those managing incontinence
  • Water-absorbing topper, a highly absorbable middle layer, and a waterproof backing
  • Selection of many different colours

The ableDry in Action:

Please see below various photos of the ableDry being used by customers all over the world.

The ableDry sizing chart:

High back – ideal for most wheelchairs and sizes, such as electric wheelchairs, or manual wheelchairs with high backs.

  • This size will ensure the back length of the ableDry covers the entire wheelchair back – max length is 65cms or 25.5″
  • Width – will cover the majority of powered wheelchair sizes (except bariatric)

Low back – ideal for manual wheelchairs, where the backrest is very low on the wheelchair (i.e. the backrest only covers the lower half of the back). The low back has a shorter length in the back for this reason.

  • This size will ensure the back length of the ableDry covers the entire wheelchair back – max length is 35cms or 13.7″
  • Width – will cover the majority of manual wheelchair sizes (except bariatric)

If you are still unsure, you can contact us:

The ableDry washing instructions:

  • Recommended wash at 30 degrees (not higher)
  • Do not use any fabric conditioner
  • Do not tumble dry or iron and hang out to dry only