easyTravelseat can be used for a whole range of things. We like to call them, Out of the wheelchair experiences. Below shows what people have been getting up with their own – Out of the wheelchair experiences.


I can fly… #outofmychair

Claire Taggart – a Great British Boccia player used the easyTravelseat to fly to an international competition in Croatia. Where Claire went on to win two medals!

Insitu wheelchair transfer seat to car

I can, get into a car… #outofmychair

Josh Wintersgill – our Founder here at easyTravelseat, used it to access a car in Sweden. Due to his friends car not having suitable tie downs for Josh to remain in his wheelchair during the excursion.

I can, get onto a boat… #outofmychair

Martyn Sibley – the Founder of Disability Horizons used his easyTravelseat to access a boat in Croatia due to the boat not being suitable for his electric wheelchair.

I can, swim with dolphins… #outofmychair

Phillip Carroll – A student from Treloar College and off to university very soon. Used his easyTravelseat to swim with dolphins in Florida as part of a trip to America for the Annual World Muscular Dystrophy conference.

I can, sit on the beach… #outofmychair

Ross Lannon – known as a cheeky chappy, lifestylist and disability blogger. Used his easyTravelseat to sit on the beach, first time since he was a child.

I can, watch the spice girls... #outofmychair

Manon Van Den Heuvel – A Dutch beauty and disability vlogger. Used her easyTravelseat to fly to Edinburgh from Schipol to watch the Spice Girls.