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Wheelchair transfers with safety, dignity and comfort.

At easyTravelseat, we believe in putting people with physical reduced mobility (PRM) first when transferring on and off an aircraft.

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“easyTravelseat is a great innovative product that allows our special assistance teams to transfer the user from their wheelchair to the aircraft seat in a quick, comfortable, dignified and safe manner, OCS Group UK Ltd were proud to be part of the easyTravel trial at Bristol Airport and look forward to seeing many passengers using easyTravel products in the future.”

Duncan Lowe, Airport Service Manager
OCS Group UK Ltd. Bristol Airport

"What an amazing piece of Innovation, so simple yet so life changing! We found easyTravelseat really easy to use! It also solves the life long quandary of how to evacuate a wheelchair passenger off a plane in case of emergency. We were delighted to support Josh with his live trials ahead of his awesome Award celebration. Look forward to supporting easyTravelseat moving forward.”

Samantha Berry, Head of Innovation & Regulatory Compliance
OmniServ Ltd, Heathrow Airport

“The easyTravelseat fills a much needed gap in the market to enable wheelchair users to board and disembark their aircraft with comfort, dignity and ease. In my view, it is a wonderfully designed product and our assistance agents loved using it. We look forward to seeing many of them coming through the airport.”

Sara Marchant, Head of Accessibility
Gatwick Airport

"easyTravelseat is incredible. I've just flown to a competition in Croatia and I can honestly say I've never been comfier on a flight. I would usually get lower back pain and increased muscle tone when flying due to the lack of seat support but not with easyTravelseat. I felt comfortable through all transfers. If you are indecisive about whether to invest in one, I can highly recommend it"

Claire Taggart
GB Paralympic Boccia Squad

“As is the often the case – the simplest ideas can be the best. Josh has had an idea, which is the near-perfect solution to the indignity, discomfort and embarrassment experienced by disabled people when trying to access aircraft (and train?) seats. I’m very confident that easyTravelseat will soon become as synonymous for ease and comfort as Stannah has for stairlifts.”

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou
Founder of easyJet and easyGroup (the easy family of brands)

"I received my easyTravelseat in plenty of time for a flight from Cardiff airport to Malaga... I found sitting on the ETS to be quite comfortable... the ETS proved to provide a smooth and dignified transfers. It was very pleasant to be transferred like a normal person, with no stiff aching shoulders which often occurs through manual handling. I would certainly recommend the ETS, thank you Josh."

Glenis Hale


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