It’s been the busiest month for easyTravelseat to date. Lots of exciting developments, stories and journeys taking place, including the implementation of the Gelovations gel dimensional pad helping people up to grade 2 pressure sores.

We now have an FAQ page live, Josh’s trip to Sweden who accessed a car for the first time since he was 10 years old and our Disability Horizons competition and what’s happening in June. Before this, what happened in May?

Accessible Aviation Network

British Airways HQ – History Museum

As part our belief in making aviation more accessible for disabled people. easyTravelseat are pleased to announce we now have a spot on the Accessible Aviation Network ran by Queen Elizabeth Foundations – Tryb4ufly. Josh will be voicing his views as a disabled passenger with the UK CAA, airlines and various other fantastic aviation gurus who want to make aviation accessible for all. The latest event was held/hosted at the British Airways HQ at Waterside, Heathrow. And if any of you are aviation geeks, book yourself in for the tour around the British Airways museum to see the evolution of Britain’s most iconic airline.




Kidz to Adultz – Farnborough

easyTravelseat exhibitor stand – Kidz to Adultz Farnborough

Kidz to Adultz in Farnborough was quite the occasion with tremendous amounts of interest in the younger community, OT’s and physios. With our stand next to QEF – Trybe4ufly, Heathrow Airport and Graine Villas. Collectively it worked extremely well and the visitors during the day found it extremely useful to see the variety of options available to fly with a disability. If any of you fancy an accessible trip to Florida with a fully accessible villa, with no extra costs to hire equipment such as an electric bed, electric hoist and a shower chair. Please visit Grainge Villas in Florida


FAQ Page Launched

We want to provide you with as much information as possible to help you:

  1. Make an informed decision before buying an easyTravelseat
  2. Understand how the easyTravelseat can be adjusted to suit your requirements
  3. Understand why the easyTravelseat has been designed to specific requirements
  4. Recognise the versatility of the easyTravelseat

Visit the FAQ page here

This page is being updated regularly. If you have a question which has not been answered. Please get in touch with us through email, telephone or social media.

Josh’s wheelchair transfer and car experience with easyTravelseat

Hey everyone, I was recently in Sweden. Some of you will know from our social media streams. I will be writing a separate blog about the journey to Sweden from Heathrow airport, discussing the experience and the benefits associated with the easyTravelseat going through the airport – keep an eye out for this.

However, below is a video of me being transferred in the easyTravelseat from my wheelchair to a car seat. As you can see the lift is being done by two people, taking one side each, in raw video footage. The transfer was relatively straight forward, quick and pain free. 

easyTravelseat – wheelchair transfer to car

We had to use the seat, as my friend’s car was not big nor safe enough to tie down my wheelchair. The only way we could all go out together was for one of us to be sat within the car itself. What a great opportunity to show you my first experience of sitting in a car for the first time in 15 years – it was a surreal feeling.

easyTravelseat Product Developments

Stabilo Seaitng Solution

Over various exhibitions, it has become clear people require more seating support due varying abilities and are specifically drawn to products such as the Stabilo cushion. It is acknowledged people want to use the Stabilo – learn more but still have issues with the transferring element. Given easyTravelseat have the ability to provide space for additional support products and provides the transfer. We will now be testing and understanding the viability of integrating the Stabilo within the easyTravelseat. Giving some passengers the all-in-one solution they need in order to fly. 

Large Dimensional Gel Pads

We are pleased to announce, we are now providing a gel dimensional pad, instead of foam for specific users who require slightly more pressure relief (upto grade 2 pressure sores). 

We are using Gelovations 0.5” gel pad

These gel pads can be used on their own inside the easyTravelseat (recommended) or even placed on top of your own cushion inside the easyTravelseat. 

The gel pad helps overcome any issues people have with height increases if they are unable to make the relevant adjustments to their chair when using a foam cushion. The dimensional pad does provide less support than a foam-based cushion. The pads can now be chosen when selecting your easyTravelseat at checkout.

Disability Horizions Competition

Martyn Sibley using easyTravelseat to hoist from wheelchair to bed

We recently ran a competition to win your own easyTravelseat for FREE with Disability Horizons. The competion closed on the 31stMay 2019 and the winner will be announced in due course. We shall be in touch with the lucky winner!

Martyn Sibley of Disability Horizions will be flying out of the UK in July with his very own easyTravelseat. Have a good flight from all of us here Martyn!

What to expect in June